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Notes from the meeting that took place yesterday at Dallas City Hall to go over Uber's dislike of the way DFW operates.


Uber went back to the City Council regarding Vehicle Decal Permits at DFW AIRPORT:

Council Members did not read the Ordinance or understand the ordinance passed by the council and DFW Airport board Members

·        Council inclined to understand that if a Driver/Vehicle had a City of Dallas Permit then that Driver and the vehicle were also good at DFW

·        This of course is not the case, so Uber is making the argument that the owner Cities should abolish the vehicle permitting process at DFW

·        City Council has opened up the discussion to review the Ordinance and possibly revise it in order to allow TNC's to operate Freely without restriction from DFW

·       The DFWLA Board has  spoken with Paul Martinez – VP of Operations at DFW Airport after the meeting and he informed us that this was simply a discovery meeting to bring back the topic and place back under review, he said that everything is status quo until they advise otherwise but the DFW Airport Board will present their discussions at a later time and give arguments of why the vehicle permits are needed.